We have a number of ways for you to pay your University tuition, re-sit and accommodation fees including online by credit or debit card, bank transfer, over the phone or in person.

You can also set up an instalment plan to make it easier for you to pay if that is more convenient for you.

Please do not use third party agents to transfer payments to the University of Leeds, as this can significantly increase your risk of being exposed to financial crime. 

Online card payment

For your security, please do not email your debit or credit card details to the University of Leeds. You should make card payments through our secure payment system.

Pay through bank transfer

International and EU students - pay through Flywire

If you are an international student please make payment in your local currency on the Leeds Flywire site.

Select the country that you are paying from by using the drop down box, work your way down the page ensuring you complete all the boxes marked as required.

Flywire allows you to:

  • Pay in over 140 currencies
  • Pay by bank transfer, international credit / debit card
  • Eliminate bank fees, enjoy excellent exchange rates &  Best Price guarantee
  • Track your payment from start to finish
  • Pay from any country and any bank
  • Feel safe, with 24/7 dedicated multilingual customer support 

Flywire cannot be used for transfers from a UK bank account to the University of Leeds, if you wish to make a domestic transfer please use the account details below.

Pay over the telephone

Call 0113 343 6700 or the number on your statement which is for the member of the Fees team managing your account. Telephone payments can be made by credit or debit card. 

Pay in person

You can pay in person at the Student Services Centre in the Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building. The University of Leeds does not encourage cash or draft as a payment method. Payments must be made in GBP and the University can only accept a maximum of £3,500 per student per academic year.

Instalment plans 

The online facility to update the payment details for your instalment plan is now available. Instructions are in the DIRECT DEBIT INSTALMENT PLANS section below.

You can arrange to pay your tuition or accommodation fees in instalments where the full charge is split into multiple payments and is taken automatically.

Setting up your instalment plan

The University secure payment system is used to set up your instalment plan. To set up your plan, you'll need to know your student ID number and date of birth.

Accommodation fee instalment plans

It's important to set up your accommodation instalment plan as early as possible; it's best to do this after you receive your contract and before you register at the University.

The online accommodation instalment plan system is open for students starting in 2019/20 from July 2019 to October 2019. If you do not complete an instalment plan, the only available option will be payment in full, immediately.

Tuition fee instalment plans

You'll need to have your tuition fee payment arrangements in place before you can register.

Undergraduate and taught postgraduate students, or others paying on their behalf  who have a UK Bank account, can use the tuition fee instalment plan in the secure payment system. This option opens on 1 August for returning undergraduate and all taught postgraduate students. For instalment dates please refer to the tuition fee payment schedule.

The tuition instalment plan system opens for new 2019/20 undergraduates from August 2019.

If you have already chosen an instalment plan and need to change the bank details, or card details, contact the Fees team.

Research postgraduate students who need to register can access the instalment plan option on Step 6 of online registration in the Portal.

Direct Debit instalment plans

If you have an existing Direct Debit instalment plan and wish to update/provide details for payment follow the instructions below.

  1. Log into the Minerva Student Portal at  http://minerva.leeds.ac.uk/
  2. Click the 'Access Student Services' icon in the top right corner of the screen
  3. Click the 'Payments and Financial Support' tab
  4. Click the 'Tuition and accommodation payments' link halfway down the screen
  5. Click the 'Make a payment button', even though you are updating your payment information - this will take you to the online payment portal.
  6. In the online payment portal select 'Updated Payment Information' from the left hand side menu and enter your bank details as instructed. Direct Debits can be taken from UK current accounts only, please do not enter details of a savings account.

To set up a new direct debit instalment plan, log into the instalment pages of the secure payment system and provide your UK bank account details. This is only available at specific times of the year, details of these dates are on the instalment pages.

You will receive your Direct Debit dates by email when the plan has been set up, unless you are an International student who has opted to provide UK bank account details later. Please keep this Direct Debit schedule for future reference. If you need to confirm the date of your first instalment contact the Fees team.

International students who have opted to provide UK bank account details later must provide these by the end of term one. You will receive instructions about how to do this by email once the system is open for you to securely enter your details. After your bank details have been added you will receive confirmation of the the instalment date and amount by email.

To change or update your bank details you must complete and sign a form called a direct debit mandate. You can come to the Student Services Centre in the Marjorie and Arnold Ziff building or ask the Fees team to post a form. We need to receive this form at least five working days before the instalment date to change your details.

If you cancel your direct debit or provide incorrect details, we'll cancel your instalment plan and your payment will be due in full immediately.

If you don't provide valid details we can't reinstate your instalment plan and you'll incur late payment administration charges unless you make full payment. 

Credit or debit card instalment plans

To set up a credit or debit card instalment plan, log into the instalment pages of the secure payment system and provide valid debit or credit card details at least three working days before the due date of the first instalment.

We'll use the email address you provide to contact you about successful or unsuccessful card payments or any problems with your card details. We'll also email to confirm the successful setup of your instalment plan; please keep this for future reference.

You must contact the Fees team about any change to the card details, even if the long card number remains the same. Recurring card payments fail the majority of the time because you have received a new card and not updated the details. If your card payments fail or your card expires, we may cancel your instalment plan.

If you don't provide valid details we can't reinstate your instalment plan and you'll incur late payment administration charges. 

Early payments during instalment plans

It's important that you let us know if you've made an early payment. If you don't then a duplicate payment may be taken or you may have to pay bank charges if the University attempts to take a payment and you don't have the money to cover it.

If you want to make a payment before an instalment is due, please contact the Fees team before you do this because we may already have asked the bank to take the payment automatically. If you have made the payment early and didn’t check with our team, contact the Fees teamto find out if we have already requested the payment. If we have, contact your bank and explain the situation they may be able to cancel the payment for you.

Missed instalment payments

You'll incur a late-payment administration charge if an instalment is not paid in line with your chosen instalment plan. We'll attempt to take the payment from your card or bank account unless you contact us. If you don't have sufficient funds in your account, you may incur bank charges.

If you think you have an instalment plan but no money has been taken from your account, there could be a problem with the details you've provided or with your instalment plan. Please contact the Fees team.

You won't be able to graduate or re-register for a new academic session until any tuition debt is cleared. Unpaid accommodation or other debts, such as exam resit fees, may result in legal proceedings. This may result in a negative effect to your credit rating.

Paying module by module

For some 100 per cent online courses and short, professional development courses, you can pay on a module-by-module basis. Please check with the admissions contact for the course (contact details are available on our course finder). To pay for a module, please visit our online store.